Current Burning Status
How do you optain a valid burn permit?

Valid burn permits are issued at the main fire station located at 2310 4th. Street in the City of Tillamook between the hours of 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday - Friday. Due to limited staff on the weekends please call ahead for the availability of obtaining a burn permit.

Where can you find written burning regulations for Oregon?

Contrary to belief, the Oregon Fire Code does not regulate a vast majority of the burning regualtions for the State of Oregon. Limited regulations are printed on the bottom of your burn permit. For additional regualtions visit the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality for Open Burning. Click on the link for within the City of Tillamook or within Tillamook County.

Why does the Fire District require valid burn permit?

Oregon Fire Code Section 307 requires a permit to be obtained from the local fire code official for all open buring.

How long is your burn permit valid?

Burn permits are issued throughout the calendar year and the annual validation cycle runs from May 1st - May 1st of each year. Beginning July 15th of each calendar year open burning is typically closed due to regulated fire season in cooperation with the Oregon Department of Forestry and the Tillamook County Fire Defense Board. Beginning August 1st of each calendar year, burn barrels are closed until the end of regulated fire season. Contact you local fire department for additional information subject to your area.

When can my valid burn permit be revoked?

Valid burn permits can be revocked by an authorized representative of the district for burning after dark, leaving fires unattended, burning offensive or illegal materials defined by Oregon DEQ, improper setbacks or distances from property lines or structures, and the failure to provide on-site water or supppresion capabilities.
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Tillamook Fire District
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All Burning Is Open
Recreational Fires
Recreational fires do no require a valid burn permit from the fire district. Recreational fires are consider warming fires or camp fires. Recreational fires cannot be larger that 3' x 3' with flame length's no longer than 2' with an approved fire ring.
Beach Camp Fires

Tillamook Fire District does not regulate fire on the Oregon Beach. Please contact the State of Oregon Parks and Recreation for information regarding beach camp fires.